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  • Stormwater treatment systems – a responsible choice

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    Stormwater treatment systems are essential and play an important part in the responsible usage of the earth’s resources. Stormwater is surface runoff from pavements and streets. It flows into manmade storm drains that direct the water to treatment facilities. These treatment facilities remove any floating waste and also any oil or Stormwaterheavy metals present in the water.  These treatment systems are important as they work to help the environment. Flora and fauna is adversely affected by the contaminants that are present in the stormwater. Stormwater treatment systems help to get rid of all these contaminants so that the environment does not pay the price.

    There are systems that are available to be used in an individual residence. One stormwater treatment system in particular consists of a tree in a concrete pit. This pit collects the stormwater and harvests it. The water is then transported to a filtration system that removes any floating waste like leaves and other sediment like soil and dirt.  The cleaned stormwater is then placed in a storage tank. This water is used for flushing of toilets and also for irrigation and gardening purposes. This water can be used for any purpose that does not require it to be ingested.

    Stormwater treatment systems are extremely important for the well-being of the environment. If untreated water is allowed to flow into the surface waterways, a lot of contaminants and debris are washed into the waterways. These have a detrimental effect on the plant life and wild life in and around the waterway. Untreated stormwater increases the levels of water pollution in a particular area.

    Urbanization has many positive as well as negative repercussions. As we have a responsibility towards the environment, we should work towards having individual stormwater treatment systems in every household. These systems are available in every size imaginable and therefore would work well in an individual household. They are easy to install and are easy to activate. They have been vigorously tested and boast an impressive 95% of solid removal, though 100% would be ideal. Though it may be a large system, it is not visible above ground as most of its components are underground. Above ground, the system is aesthetically pleasing and resembles a plant in a pot. With all these advanced technologies, there is no reason why we shouldn’t do our part.